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tv   News  ABC  November 5, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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lynette will tell us, we may not be out of the woods yet. >> we will add insult to injury in to wednesday. as it heads up the coast, the system, is going to be doing damage to new england. for now, we are cold, temperatures coming in, middletown at 35 degrees, northville 34, 36 degrees now in west friendship. the winds out there, these 30s, low 30s we are looking at, the mids 30s, will be like in the 20s this morning, bundle up out the door this morning and in to this afternoon. we do have a freeze warning in effect until 8:00 this morning, that is because of all the coal temperatures we are seeing. the growing season is done. see for the areas here, shaded in the purple color, this is where you are looking at the freeze warnings for the rest of this this morning. this is the good news bringing you this morning. i have been the barrier of bad news for the past weeks. once again, for today's, i'm going to give you good news.
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we have time to dry out, clean things up before the system rolls in by wednesday. the dry weather will continue for today, and also tomorrow, you can plan accordingly as we go through time, waking up, maybe around 7:00, 8:00 this morning, this is what you can expect, cold temperatures, a sun-cloud mix throughout the day. breezy by lunchtime, continuing with the temperature coming in at 48 degrees, feeling like we are in the low to mid-40s. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> very chilly out there. fortunately traffic is nice and clear on 95, no problems getting down to dc or traveling from 195 up to the beltway, as far as 83 is concerned, checking in and looking at warren road, notice everything moving along up to speed the 2 minutes from -- 22 minutes down to 695. time saver traffic, drive times, 695, in great shape, parkville, up to towson, over on the west side, taking you
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the typical 11 minutes to travel from 795, towards 895. that's a look at the traffic. day away from election day, when marylanders will go to the polls to not only decide the next president, but also a number of key issues concerning our state. >> one of the ballot issues is question six. sherrie johnson is live this morning, with more on the final push. >> we are live here in federal hill where the governor will be here at 11:00 this morning, talking in favor of question 6. question 6 deals with same-sex marriage. there has been controversy over the question for the past several months with some clergy speaking out against it, when martin o'malley signed the act in march , the laws affective date was pushed to january, giving opponents time to petition the question onto the ballot. a vote for the law would allow it to go in to effect and allow same sex couples to get married
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and make maryland the 7th strait in addition to columbia to approve marriage equality, not forcing clergy to force marriage ceremonies in violation of religious reliefs. nor would religious organizations would be required to participate in the ceremonies. tomorrow, marylanders will head to the polls and vote for or against question six. 24 hours to do, reporting live in federal hill, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. tomorrow a chance to vote on gaming in maryland, this morning the governor will be at the inner harbor expressing support for question 7. joined by the pg&e county executive. if it pass as new casino will be built in pg&e and games would be allowed to the state's existing casinos. a vote no for 7 has a bus tour spreading its message. the carolina panthers beat the redskins. mitt romney will win the election.
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this is the remarkably accurate red skins rule. if they win the last home game before the presidential election, the incumbent party retains the white house. if the red skins lose, the party is voted out. this has been correct 17 of the 18 times. the only exception was 2004 when the redskins lost, to the packers. john kerry should have won but george bush stayed in office for four years. they aren't old enough to vote but got to pretent, we are dpipg are going to find out what we think. the results will be announced at noon today, that's happening at the city neighbors charter school and, it's your place for election news and the results. get there by clicking on the politics tab. a restaurant and church are
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heading to new jersey. the owner in downtown baltimore and members of epic church, spent the weekend collecting donations and heaters for people in the dark and without power. a van is filled from h and s bakery and terry coughman is getting cash donations from ravens players. >> within 15 minutes, they text backed to me, said their are in with pledges, they will be in to see me next week. >> he plans to make trips every week for the next several months. we included drop off locations in the web story. finds that at time for news around the nation, we often see the aftermath of train crashes but rarely near misses until now. look at the surveillance video from new mexico, the rail runner express. see how close people and animalling get animals get to
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the rails. it's frightening to watch this as trying to escape the danger on the ground. >> you are hoping part of you is praying, let them get out of the way in time. >> the trains can get to speeds up to 80 miles an hour, they can also appear to be further away than they are. giving you seconds to get out of the way. >> watching animals play, for a family, the zoo experience will scare them for life. a toddler fell in to enclosure at the zoo, housed 11 11 african painted dogs. some mauled the child to death. zookeepers trying to scare off the dogs, visitors watched on in horror. >> as we were passing the tigers, we could hear screaming over the hillside saying stay away. >> most of the dogs were scared
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off. one that refused to leave was shot dead by police. the zoo remained close and the death is being investigated. . finding critters in you home can gross you out, imagine finding a 15-foot boa in you storage unit. a washington state couple opened the door of a locker and found a python. they called animal control who took up with look at the size of the snake and called in for back up. the husband says he didn't think it was real but the wife new better. >> i stepped back and i looked at it and screamed and said to my husband, that is real. i ran screaming and screaming. >> i wouldn't have done the same thing. the officers managed to wrangle the snake and put it in a cardboard box. . >> i would run in the other direction.
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a woman used 250,000 pennys to create this. she owned a tatoo gallery and says it was cheaper to grew the money down. she picked up the pennies at a local bank. it took 300 hours to penny tile her floor, which is about 800 square feet. a lot of patience. >> pretty creative. >> really cool. >> seems like the tile would have been easier. i'm just saying. in terms of the weather for today, it's going be cold. put a big coat on the kids.
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temperature at 38 degrees, we have freeze warnings in spots this morning as well. in to the afternoon, very chilly with the temperature coming in at 50 degrees, the silver line for today is we will get sunshine outside as well. tomorrow will be a dry day, changes coming in the forecast. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. the purple evening tonight at mt bank stadium, the fans get to go on the field. it's going to be chilly for that. be sure to bundle up. 95 clear in white marsh. 15 minutes, southbound from 695, all the way in to the city, looking at a time saver drive time, notice, 83, also going to be in great shape. eleven minutes from towson to fayette street, taking a look at 95, here at old court road. traffic along, no delays heading towards 95. the presidential candidates are brainstorming and barn storming, too, all through
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states, especially the swing states, fighting for last minute support. there will also be hecklers. two of the hecklers, what he encountered on the trail.
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yes, voting is on my mind, even though i'm living in the mess, i am who i am. it hasn't altered the essence of my person. >> i'm going get to my polls. >> if the county has fewer than 25% voter turnout, officials could ask the board for a second day of voting. >> rally got off to a rough start. the first person they started shouting statements about abortion k holding up a sign, took officers several minutes to pry hands off of a railing and carry him out of the venue. the second man started making gestures towards the president and let out by police. mitt romney is tacking in as last minute campaign stops as he can today. going be in five states, florida, and virginia. he will be attending a rally in new hampshire with singer kid rock. paul ryan, also has a busy schedule, traveling across the country making stops in
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virginia, wisconsin, colorado and nevada. the man known as clark rockefeller is expected in court. he is facing charges in the 1985 disappearance and murder of his landlord, held on a $10 million bail. the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghanistan civilians, a hear ing will determine if there is now have evidence to have trial. filling up is costing less, average for regular is down to $3.55 a gallon, $0.21 lower than late last month. the price reduction is a combination of sandy, cutting in to oil demand and crude oil declining.mond night football is getting politics. obama and mitt romney are taping interviews, airing during halftime tonight. surgery maybe the better way to go for patients and
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clogged heart arterys and diabetes. it's a stronger option than having stints put in. patients who had bypass surgery were less likely to have a heart attack later on. >> life is getting back to normal after sandy dumped snow. >> the garrett county sheriff says 95% of roads are open. 4500 people without power. maryland army national guard has been helping out coordinating the recovery efforts. time for a check on the weather. we might see snow, might in western maryland. >> meagan, even we might see snow, knot nothing that's going to accumulate. possibly measurable snow back off towards the west. in addition to what they have gotten, more to come as we go in to wednesday and thursday. satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot terms of rain and clouds. we are going to see lots of sunshine in to the afternoon.
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for today, temperatures are cold, right now, in to the afternoon, we are looking at 37 baltimore. 34 northville. westminster 35. frederick 38. 39 in easton. centerville 41. oxford 36 degrees. we are dealing with the winds, they are sustained northwest at 8 miles an hour, baltimore. we will have this throughout the day and gusts up to 15 miles an hour. once that nor'easter gets ramping, we will feel it as we go in to wednesday and thursday. today is a calm day, more of the same in to tomorrow, which is voting time, that's good news, we need to coup our blessings, here is our nor'easter threat. talking about the snow, see the tha going in to western maryland there, the models, not so much in agreement but the euro, the european model, the one that sandy, the one that really brought sandy in, so this is the one that i'm talking about through time.
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with this, i'm thinking that the european model will stay closer to us. the european model is a colder solution, it has the potential for snow, around here. future trend not picking up on a lot for today. you can see the model again, coming up across the area, the coastal storm, and this will be bringing us rainy conditions, snowy conditions, also windy conditions as we go in to wednesday and thursday. for today, the temperature will be at 50 degrees, sun-cloud mix and chilly. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> hard to believe we are talking about snow. unfortunately, dealing with a crab in baltimore city, charles street at northern parkway, a look at 83, just north of the beltway, notice everybody going to be up to speed. no problems getting downtown. as we check in and look at 695, parkville, harford road, no problems to report here. going to take you 11 minutes to travel the outer loop, 95, up
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to 83. looking at drive times, west side, no problems to report, traveling the outer loop from 795, down to 95, looking at a typical eleven minute ride, everything up to speed through the fort mc henry tunnel. 8 minutes, northbound, of 695 to the toll plaza. chicago man puts new techtology to the test and raising money for amputees. >> how he turned a debilitating motorcycle accident in to a major achievement, one step at a time. let's say you want to get ahead in your career.
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visit us on facebook. . 103 flights of stairs is tough, imagine doing wit a prosthetic leg. >> not just any limb but a bionic leg. look at this, zack lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and testing a one of a kind device that is driven by his thoughts. for example, he pushes on the prosthetic limb to stand up and reads and pushes back on him to propel him up. he climbed the towers in chicago yesterday. >> the hardware is amazing,
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something there and fun, i hope we pushed the boundaries. >> hundreds took part in the walk, it raises money for the rehab institute that created the leg. >> just one day left until we make several important decisions. among them, who will lead the country for four years.
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we have a freeze warning, it's cold out there. all the areas here, shaded in the purple color, be prepared as you step out the door,


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